06 Nov 2020

Vibrational Ingredients: Flower essences

Flower essences (emotional nutrients) are specially prepared vibrational essences that encapsulate the spirit of the flowers. Each flower essence has a specific vibration that contains a life force that supports emotional processing or balance your energy flow...

05 Nov 2020

Vibrational Ingredients: Spagyric method

Our Aloe ferox botanicals are manufactured using the spagyric method, this method reflects the living energy of the plant which remains in the essences. Spagyric Aloe ferox captures the spirit of the plant which influences your energy at the deepest informational state...

03 Nov 2020


At skinesiology vibrational skincare we know that we are revolutionizing inner and outer beauty through our combination of rhythmically prepared botanicals, spagyric extraction method and flower essences. ..

02 Nov 2020

What is vibrational skincare?

Skinesiology vibrational skincare:  based on the principles of kinesiology, a body based vibrational therapy connecting body and mind to raise your vibration and maintain emotional well-being...



Dorita Redelinghuys

Dorita Redelinghuys

Kinesiologist and Co-founder of Skinesiology skincare

Dorita was awakened by the power of nature at an early age through her passion for middle-distance running and her love of all things natural. This triggered her interest in and commitment to the natural science of kinesiology.

A BSc graduate with over 18 years in practice, she has developed a deep intuition and expertise in tapping into the unseen realms of energy fields in the body.

Today she is a motivated professional who wholeheartedly believes that restoring energy in the body is the key to health and personal fulfillment.

“I am driven by the difficulty people experience when dealing with emotional state uncertainty. My aim is to prevent and heal by creating a bridge between nature and emotion. The purpose of our products and routines is to enhance awareness of the current state of mind and restore emotional balance to experience the joy of well-being.”

Surina van der Merwe

Surina van der Merwe

Integrated mindful movement & skinesiology advisory board

Nature lover and passionate about a sustainable approach to movement and the value of moving mindfully, Surina has dedicated most of her career supporting individuals and movement (yoga) teachers/ trainers to develop a deeper sense of understanding how to optimize as well as integrate a mindful approach, not only to their daily activities/practices but also their lifestyles.

Driven by a desire to understand how we can support our body to heal and be healthy she has had the privilege to learn and explore different styles of movement and therapies from extraordinary mentors. Almost 20 years later, and she has learned that it's not necessarily what we do but the value is in how we do it.

‘Having the privilege to have assisted many in their journey it has taught me that it’s not always what we do but how we do it that has the most value and which connects us to mindful movement - coming back to the basics of integrating and connecting to our breath and working with our body as a companion rather than an adversary.’

“awareness is the catalyst for change”