Mini meditations to raise your vibration

POSTED 18 Nov 2020

Take a moment for yourself with our emotion specific mini meditations to ground yourself and access higher vibrations.

Benefits of mini meditations

In our busy and distracted lifestyles mini meditations offer us attainable moments of being present and re-connecting with our breath. Just as the mini meditations are designed to shift your energy and awareness we at Skinesiology skincare created vibrational skincare to shift your energy and awareness to a raised vibrational state.

What does a mini meditation look like? 

Well that’s the beauty of a mini meditation as a self-care moment, it can really look like you want it to look! The best part is you might already have integrated mini meditations and not even be aware of it.

At Skinesiology our mini meditations are grounded in 3 steps:

  1. Create self-awareness by OBSERVING how you feel through our guided mindful prompts. Allow for self-compassion and invite your senses in for the experience.
  2. RE-CONNECT  to your breath and your connection within, appreciating your beauty and inner wisdom.
  3. Follow your awareness or the INTENT as this shifts your energy into a raised vibrational state.


Skinesiology’s 8 Guided mini meditations to raise your vibration

Access a state of Calm

Through sensing your heart space

Through connecting to your heart rhythm

Access a state of Bliss

Through sensing the soles of your feet

Through unlocking your light heartedness

Access a state of Uplift

Through appreciating your beauty

Through following your intuitiveness

Access a state of Blossom

Through finding inner stillness

Through opening up to delight

In the upcoming blog SERIES we will be sharing the connection of how vibrational skincare can access different states to raise your vibration.

We will be diving deeper within each vibrational pattern, how to recognize the obstacles and tips of integrating it into our daily self-care routines.

Follow the blogs and enjoy the experience.

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