Skinesiology is a functional & personalised skincare range with ingredients of the highest quality complemented by the emotional nutrients of our botanical and flower essence formulations facilitating a balanced state of mind.

We believe the human body is a complex system of pulsing energies that need constant tuning and balancing. At Skinesiology we created a skincare range that is composed of various kinds of vibrating energies, using flower essences and rhythmically extracted botanicals.

Our system identifies your state of mind while the vibrational remedies enhance the flow of your life-force energy to the cells and organs of your body, facilitating a balanced state of mind and health. By merging our emotional nutrients, natural & organic skincare ingredients with the principles of kinesiology, skinesiology has created the ultimate product in inner and outer balance in beauty therapy.

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"I am driven by the difficulty people experience when dealing with emotional state uncertainty. My aim is to prevent and heal by creating a bridge between nature and emotion. The purpose of our products and routines is to enhance awareness of the current state of mind and restore emotional balance to experience the joy of well-being."

Dorita – co-founder

Daily Mindful Beauty Routine

Mindful Application

Being aware on the present to acces the energy flow.


Vibrational Skincare

Apply skinesiology vibrational skincare to shift your energy.


Emotional Well-being

Allow and receive the energy shift. Say the affirmation.

The Mandala Design Concept

Each mandala design was inspired by our vibrational flower essences to reflect an energy imprint.

The design, color, and floral graphics were all designed purposefully to capture and display the mindful beauty of each mandala.


How do I use my Skinesiology Product

Use daily.

When applying your skinesiology product, follow the mindful beauty routine to raise your vibration.

When applying, say the affirmation.

Application: We recommend 4-6 weeks continuous use.

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What are Flower Essences

Flower essences, our vibrational ingredients, are specially prepared vibrational essences that encapsulate the spirit of the flowers.
Each flower essence has a specific vibration that contains a life force that supports emotional processing or balance your energy flow.
Flower essences are true helpers to connect with your spirit and feel uplifted. They have the ability to release emotions or clear blocked energy patterns.

"We all relate to flowers, all in different ways. They evoke powerful emotions: love, appreciation, beauty and compassion. It is our wish that you engage with these blooms to rediscover your true self and allow self-compassion."

Banie – co-founder