What is skinesiology?

Skinesiology is a functional & personalised skincare range with ingredients of the highest quality complemented by the emotional nutrients of our botanical and flower essence formulations facilitating a balanced state of mind.

We believe the human body is a complex system of pulsing energies that need constant tuning and balancing. At Skinesiology we created a skincare range that is composed of various kinds of vibrating energies, using flower essences and rhythmically extracted botanicals.

Our system identifies your state of mind while the vibrational remedies enhance the flow of your life-force energy to the cells and organs of your body, facilitating a balanced state of mind and health. By merging our emotional nutrients, natural & organic skincare ingredients with the principles of kinesiology, skinesiology has created the ultimate product in inner and outer balance in beauty therapy.

The philosophy

To be conscious of your skin AND mind and to consider the physical AND emotional therapeutic properties of our botanicals and flower essences.

The goals


To achieve consciousness of the mind-body connection


To re-awaken your innate ability to believe in yourself


The mindfulness to consistently be and honour your true being


Reaching an inner and outer balance

The mandalas design concept

Each Body & Mind Cream mandala was designed based on the flowers included in the associated formulation. The design, color, and flowers were all chosen with the aim of resonating mindfulness state of the cream.



peace of mind

female warrior

Why use skinesiology?

  • Natural Ingredients
  • +
  • Emotional Nutrients
  • =
  • Therapeutic Balance

How to use

We recommend 4-6 weeks regular daily use

When applying repeat the affirmation of the specific skinesiology product that you are using

What are flower essences?

Flower essences are specially prepared vibrational remedies that encapsulate the healing energy of flowers. Each remedy contains a life force shaped to the particular pattern of the flower’s signature. These emotional nutrients help to overcome negative emotions, healing by restoring harmony and flow of energy.

Our flower essence formulations take into account all the forms and frequencies of vibrating energy that contribute to the “multi-dimensional “ human energy field. The formulations were done to balance standard state of minds that we identified.

We all relate to flowers, and all in different ways. Flowers represent special occasions, memories and we all love and relate to different flowers in different ways. They evoke emotions of love, respect, appreciation, beauty and compassion. It is our wish that you engage with these helpers to evoke self-compassion.