Skinesiology enhances the vibrational and physical properties of the botanicals by extracting the essence, life force and spirit of the plant. All our ingredients were carefully selected so that they work in harmony and in a holistic environment to optimize benefits for you and your skin.

vibrational skincare

We do this through a rhythmical preperation, a system honouring seasonal rhythms of the earth and the astrological calendar, and the spagyric method, the three-fold process honouring the life force of the plant and flower essences, mirroring the characters of the plant.

free from

Skinesiology products are made free from mineral oil and petrolatum, sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS), sodium laureth sulfates (SLES), parabens, synthetic fragrance, GMOs and gluten.

ingredient information

We use ingredients of the highest quality in our skinesiology products. Our botanicals are organically cultivated on an organically certified farm using bio-dynamic farming practices. The freshly harvested plants are specially prepared to nourish your whole being. We extract the essence, life force and spirit of the plant through various methods to enhance the vibrational and physical properties of the botanicals.

Extraction processes include rhythmical extraction and the spagyric method.

extraction methods

Rhythmically Exracted: honoring the life rhythms of the earth and the astrological calendar.

Spagyric Method: a three-fold process that honors the life force of the plant.

flower essences

Flower essences, our vibrational ingredients, are specially prepared vibrational essences that encapsulate the spirit of the flowers.

Each flower essence has a specific vibration that contains a life force that supports emotional processing or balance your energy flow.

Flower essences are true helpers to connect with your spirit and feel uplifted. They have the ability to release emotions or clear blocked energy patterns.

We all relate to flowers, all in different ways. They evoke powerful emotions: love, appreciation, beauty and compassion. It is our wish that you engage with these blooms to rediscover your true self and allow self-compassion”.
Banie – co-founder

Ingredient Glossary

Please access our product ingredient glossary on the product pages, under shop, to find out more about the physical and vibrational properties of each ingredient.