The Inspiration: Dorita

Dorita was awakened by the power of nature at an early age through her passion for middle-distance running and her love of all things natural. This triggered her interest in and commitment to the natural science of Kinesiology.

BSc graduate with over 15 years in practice, she has developed a deep intuition and expertise in tapping into the unseen realms of energy fields in the body.

The Vision: Banie

Banie is a creative dreamer and the soul behind skinesiology as it is his positive outlook on life that started this inspiring venture.
He loves finding himself in a big storm.

His intuitive approach combined with a fine eye for design and a knack for detailed planning are what steer Skinesiology forward into the future.

Dorita & Banie

A personal note

Skinesiology is truly a personal project born of passion. The little seeds – to develop personal empowerment tools to support emotional well-being, using skincare as the medium – were sown many, many years ago in the dreams and mind of Dorita. The growth of this small but profound idea has surpassed our wildest expectations. The thought process, energy testing, lessons learnt, product development, personal growht and unimaginable support from friends, family and clients alike have inspired us even more to introduce skinesiology to as many people as possible.

It is our vision to facilitate a vibrational life-energy shift that will awaken enlightenment and compassion. It is only through self-compassion that we can find perpetual joy and emotional well-being. Self-compassion is contagious, and it is our heart-felt wish that you will experience love and compassion through the skinesiology mindful beauty.

Dorita & Banie