Our Story

Dorita the developer:

Dorita finds her solace in nature. Growing up holidays were spent in the Drakensberg mountains . Dorita found kinesiology via her journey as an avid & professional runner. Her many years of experience as an in-depth body therapist taught her a language which accesses information held in the body. Her motivation, conviction (true belief) and perseverance formed the foundation for the development of skinesiology.

Banie the director:

Banie is a creative dreamer and the soul behind skinesiology as it is his positive outlook on life that started this inspiring venture. He loves finding himself in a big storm. His intuitiveness combined with a fine eye for design and detailed planning is what steers skinesiology forward into the future.


Skinesiology products are created based on the principles of kinesiology and modern scientific research. Using rhythmical extraction and energetic processes we allow the botanical ingredients to give us ingredients of the highest quality.

Free From

Skinesiology products are made free from Mineral oil and petrolatum, Sodium Lauryl Sulphate (SLS), Sodium Laureth Sulphates (SLES), Parabens, Synthetic fragrance, GMO’S, and gluten.

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Ingredient Glossary

We extract the essence, life force and spirit of the plant through various methods to enhance the energetic and nutritional content creating the optimum potency of the botanicals. Extraction processes includes rhythmical extraction, thereby honouring seasonal rhythms of the earth and the astrological calendar, the spagyric method, the three-fold process honouring the life force of the plant and flower essences, mirroring the characters of the plant. We use organic cultivation ingredients where possible. Please access our ingredient glossary to find out more about the physical and emotional properties of each ingredient

Therapeutic balance

Our combination of vibrational remedies balance your state of mind. Each formulation represents an energy imprint that identify your state of mind in order to enhance the flow of life-force energy to the cells and organs of our bodies. A balanced state can be achieved through using skinesiology daily.