Vibrational Ingredients: Rhythmical Extraction

POSTED 06 Nov 2020

By Dorita Redelinghuys

Rhythmical prepared botanicals

We value and respect nature, the energy and life force gifts it affords us, the visual beauty of nature and the life experiences it provides us. The rhythmical extraction process reflects this respect.

Harvesting of our rhythmically prepared takes place, in the Western Cape of South Africa, on a certified organic farm implementing bio-dynamic farm practices. The freshly harvested plants are harvested by hand by the land guardians according to the calendar month’s day for harvesting. They are manually chopped and crushed via a pestle and mortar, and then mixed with water, lactose and honey. 


Western Cape


After that they are then exposed for seven days to the natural dynamic rhythms of life; at the times of the day, dusk and dawn, where the earths energy is at its highest. When the extracts are not being exposed, they are stored in a sacred space lined with peat moss to exclude external forces from entering. Extracts are tempered in water baths for the first few days of maceration.

Our Aloe vera, Bryophyllum Daigremontiana and Calendula officinalis are our rhythmically prepared botanicals. They carry the life force of the plants and act as great helpers to shift your energy field (emotional well-being) and let the subtleties of the flower essences come to life. This mean that their life force restores your skin’s energy field as well, leaving the invigorating energy imprint of radiance behind.

The extract is pressed on the 4th day and filtered on the 8th Day, and ash obtained from the pressing of the plant, is added to the extract. The extracts are allowed to mature for up to 9 months.

This is a very naturel technique, respecting nature, free from any external forces or harsh movements, or unnecessary electrical interference, for manufacturing botanical essences without the need for alcohol as a preservative.

The extracts are manufactured using a fermentation technique, where the pH is monitored constantly.

Rhythmical prepared botanicals, one of our secrets, forms the basic foundation and inspiration of Skinesiology, and acts as a true gift to raise your vibration.

“Life is about rhythm. We vibrate, our hearts are pumping blood, we are a rhythm machine, that’s what we are.”  Mickey Hart

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