POSTED 06 Nov 2020

By Dorita Redelinghuys

At skinesiology vibrational skincare we know that we are revolutionizing inner and outer beauty through our combination of rhythmically prepared botanicals, spagyric extraction method and flower essences. These proprietary formulations provide the life force energy of the plants for you, enhancing your beauty experience, specifically inner beauty.

Based on my 20 years of practical experience working as a kinesiologist, incorporating other integrated therapies and my science background, I was able to find the energy imprints (your emotional journey) behind illness & ailments. During this period I used and experimented with various plant based oils and essences. This laid the foundation and the understanding on how to formulate each individual vibrational product - a specific energy (emotional) shift is captured in each vibrational skincare product. For example our bliss body and mind range facilitate a deep grounding effect. The Oak flower essence supports this grounding part of the vibrational shift. Our dream state night cream start its vibrational journey from the energy imprint of the lotus flower, closing its petals as the day comes to an end to support emotional restoration.

Rhythmically prepared botanicals and flower essence formulations work on a deep energetic level that enhance and support the flow of energy to balance and heal the physical and emotional body (emotional well-being).

We extract the essence, life force and spirit of the plant through various methods to enhance the energetic and nutritional content creating / enhancing the potency of the plants / botanicals. Extraction processes include rhythmical extraction (honoring seasonal rhythms of the earth and the astrological calendar), spagyric method (the three-fold process honoring the life force of the plant) and flower essences mirroring the characters of the plant.

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